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CNC forming centres are a key element in the sheet metal industry due to high demands for precision, declining production runs, rapid innovations and rising labour costs. The versatile tooling enables an efficient production of smaller batches.

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Cutting on Programmable Shears

TruShear Shears allow the separation of almost any metallic material. The material to be cut can be excreted from the back of the machine in several positions or from the front using flap parts , especially for smaller parts. Thanks to the double-sided blades, maintenance time is minimised.

TruShear model: 5103
Max. sheet thickness [mm]
(strength max. 450 N/mm2)
Max. cuttig length [mm] 3000
Max. cutting angle [° ] 2,5
Max. stroke rate [1/min] 25

Cutting Parts with Laser Beam


TruLaser Series 5000 distinguishes itself mainly through its improved processes, higher dynamics and shorter non-productive times. The single cutting head strategy reduces equipping times and sources of errors when laser cutting.

TrumaBend model: 500
Maximal bar length [mm] 3000
Maximal width [mm] 1500
Maximal stainless steel sheet thickness [mm] 20
Maximal thickness - aluminium [mm]    12
Maximal thickness - steel [mm] 25
Cutting gases used O2, N2, AIR
Maximal speed 300M/min
Maximal number of strokes [1/min]      1200

Cutting of Shaped Parts on CNC Machines

Punching machine TruPunch 5000

The acceleration figures make the TruPunch 5000 so efficient. We achieve these figures by using lightweight components and tool cartridges. The X-axis accelerates at 2 g to a maximum speed of 100 m/min.

An additional feature is the gantry drive on the Y-axis: Two separate drive motors are synchronously controlled with no mechanical connection to provide high acceleration and accuracy.

With 330 revolutions per minute, it can orient tools in any position. It takes the TruPunch 5000 only 2.8 seconds to change tools. With the MultiTool, it takes only 0.3 seconds.

It is extremely productive thanks to its high acceleration values; its other advantages are:

  • very high speed
  • fast stroke sequence - the fastest punching machine in the world
  • rotation: substantial increase in rotation speed
  • fast forming
  • fast change of tools - 3 sec.
  • suction: powerful and reliable
  • punches made of high quality HSS high speed steel
  • scratch-free machining
TruPunch model: 5000
Maximal sheet thickness [mm] 8
Maximal bar length [mm] 3000
Maximal cutting angle [°] 2,5
Maximal number of strokes [1/min] 1200


Combined Punching and Laser Cutting Machine


The TruMatic 6000 is the all-round machine of laser-punching combination machines. With the combined technologies of laser cutting and punching, increasingly complex fabrication jobs can be performed with greater efficiency and higher productivity.
The parts are fabricated on one machine using different processes. Standard contours such as round or rectangular holes are produced in one stroke by the punching unit, as are threads or other forms. Delicate, intricate inside and outside contours are laser cut with smooth, burr-free edges. Since all tools can be rotated, tool requirements are reduced to a minimum

Trumatic model: T6000

Maximal sheet thickness [mm]
(Strength max. 450 N/mm)

Maximal bar length [mm] 2585
Laser power 3200
Maximum number of strokes [1/min] 900/2800

Bending of Parts on CNC Bending Machines

Bending Machine Trumpf

  • ACB (Automatically Controlled Bending)
  • Short downtimes thanks to quick tool change system
  • Extremely large free space for bends
  • Intelligent 6-axis rear stop
  • Moving the lower tool
  • Quality and safety of TRUMPF laser hardened tools
TrumaBend model: 500
Maximal bar length [mm] 3000
Maximal width [mm] 1500
Maximal thickness of stainless steel-sheet [mm] 5 – depending on lengths
Maximal thickness - aluminium [mm] 6 – depending on lengths
Maximal thickness - steel [mm] 8 – depending on lengths

Robotic Application of PUR Sealing

  • Application of PUR sealing to any shape in any thickness using an automatic robot
  • Possibility to adjust the height of the seal
  • Seal design in black
PUR seal 1800
Material Fermadur
Maximal dimensions 3000 x 1500
Minimum height [mm] 2

TIG and MIG Welding - robotic and manual

We offer MIG/MAG/TIG welding, i.e., modern and productive methods in a protective atmosphere of active and inert gases. We weld non-alloyed low carbon steels, high alloy steels and aluminium alloys. Sheet metal scoring on pneumatic scoring equipment. We perform shot peening of bolts and nuts up to M8 on non-alloy and alloy steel.


Welding Robot Motoman

9-axis welding robot, high performance floor mounted servo drive travel with two robot carriers providing high production capacity.

Rotatable servo driven bases designed to extend the working radius of the robot for reliability of operation.

15 % faster movements and more wrist torque than most welding robots enable optimized welding performance. The design of the cabling routed inside the robot simplifies its profile and allows better access to the welding area and longer cable life. The EA1800N is also suitable for applications such as material handling and batching.

Motoman NV1800: 1800
Controlled axes 9
Load capacity 400
Maximal sheet thickness - stainless steel [mm]        20
Maximal thickness - aluminium [mm] 12
Maximal thickness - steel [mm] 25
Maximal speed 300M/min
Maximal number of strokes [1/min] 1200

Spot welding

Moveable upper electrode arm for easy positioning at any point on the table reducing the restrictions normally associated with spot welding.
Comfortable one man operation is possible with less scrap or rework. The integrated control governs all welding parameters. Anti-oxidation system eliminates burn marks on material surface for high quality stainless steel welding.

Spot Welder SERRA Alfa 209 A2256 1000Hz

  • power 170 kVA
  • arm spacing 800 mm
  • pneumatic drive
  • for welding sheet metal - galvanized, black, stainless steel, aluminium - up to thickness

5+5 mm

  • welding of nuts and bolts

Mid-frequency resistance welding is a method that meets the increasing demands for quality and productivity in resistance welding. The medium frequency welding technique enables high quality welds. Welding is performed with direct current.


Spot Welder JESVA BWP 100 50Hz

  • power 100 kVA
  • arm spacing 800 mm
  • pneumatic drive
  • for welding sheet metal - galvanized, black, stainless steel up to 5+5 mm thickness
  • nut welding

Conventional resistance welding machine that operates at a frequency of 50 Hz. The spot welder WBP 100 is a pneumatic resistance welder, designed for spot welding of low carbon steel sheets. Welding is carried out with alternating current.

Assembly and Locksmith Work Related to Production

We offer assembly and locksmith work on assembly lines. We have experience with assembled units as our own production requires precise and highly sophisticated approach. Thanks to various requests from our customers we have a great opportunity to establish a good background for quality services and effective workflow. We have invested into improvements of our assembly lines and our effort has brought us low cost solution and optimized assembly process.

Powder coating

Due to ever increasing customer demands for greater product finishing and a more comprehensive range of services, we offer a complete range of powder coating and related processes. The product of our centre is no longer just the actual surface treatment process itself (i.e. cementing, grinding, protection of individual parts, painting, etc.) but the complete customer care process. This includes elements such as the individual development of application systems and technological procedures, including the supply of materials, product testing by independent inspection, advice and accurate calculation of customer requirements, as well as the possibility of repairing products by painting.

We have our own pre-treatment facility as well as 4 fully equipped painting stations

Sandblasting Pre-Treatment Workplace

  • sandblasting of materials with steel grit or silica sand balotine, ceramics
  • dimensions of the sandblasting booth
  • processing options
  • additional services

Highly Efficient Galatek Line with Chemical Pre-treatment with Zinc Phosphate

This technology enables us to provide high quality and efficient processing to meet the quality levels required by the automotive industry. It is the optimum equipment for batch processing.

Main advantages:

  • High quality processing (references Schneider Electric (GB), ADC Krone (USA), Lucy (GB) and others)
  • With 2 working cabins a faster capacity allocation process is guaranteed
  • Low costs supported by an efficient maintenance and line cleaning process
  • Complete process control by computer (Siemens system) with the possibility of data archiving

Advantages over conventional technologies:

  • Possibility to apply base powder and then top powder directly in one circuit - curing oven located between the cabins.
  • High-quality 10-step spray pre-treatment (degreasing - 2x rinse, activation, Zn phosphate, 3x rinse, passivation, demi-water rinse) demonstrably outperforms conventional iron phosphate pre-treatment.
  • Powder application by electrostatics with "GEMA" machines followed by manual spraying enables the processing of any shape of complex parts
  • Colour curing according to customer requirements in the range of 170 - 220 °C
  • Guarantee of satisfactory results in salt spray test 1000 hours for 2-layer painting, 300-500 hours for 1-layer painting

Maximum dimensions of the parts to be treated: with 600, height 1500, length 2300 mm and weight 50kg/m.

2 Workplaces of the Large Paint Spraying Room

The large paint shop is particularly suitable for large parts and serves as an alternative to our paint line. The advantage of this technology is the fast paint change within 8 minutes, which allows flexible management of even atypical orders.

This workplace can paint parts up to 2900 mm wide, 4300 mm long, 2200 mm high and weighing 250 kg per hanger.

Paint application with the PRODIGY system from the company Nordson, or GEMA system - it is a manual application by electrostatics.

Pre-treatment of the material can be combined with sandblasting or Zn phosphate.

This technology was acquired in 2008 and meets all the strict requirements of the customer!





Small Paint Shop Workplace

Smaller parts can be painted here with a focus on precision and quality. This technology enables the painting of complex parts with hard-to-reach areas and easy colour shade changes. The manual application of paint by electrostatics is implemented in two "Majka" booths. Product bonding is also carried out to ensure customer requirements. It is also possible to choose between pre-treatment with zinc phosphate, blasting with steel grit (quartz sand) or a combination of both.

General Technical Data of Paint Shops

Thickness of the layer according to the customer, according to the drawing documentation.

Painting options are from 40 µm - 250 µm. For single layer painting usually 60-80 µm, for two layer painting 120-160 µm.

Measurements made according to ČSN EN ISO 2808 with Mini test 600BN and Mini test 600BF

Paint adhesion - by indent according to ČSN EN ISO 1518 (EN ISO 1518:2000) - grid cut according to ISO 2409 Scratch resistance - BS 3900 E2

Impact resistance impact test greater than 2.5 Nm, or BS 3900 E3, ball impact 80/10 to 80/80 ASTM D-2794

Bending test - (resistance to cracking in bending = T bend), ČSN EN 13523; EN 13523 - 7:2001 Corrosion properties - salt chamber

Single layer spraying 500 hours

Two-layer spraying 1000 hours

Boiling water resistance - 2 hours no wrinkling or damage

Paint repairs - local sanding with fine sandpaper, degreasing the place preferably with alcohol.

Application of the paint of the same characteristics, preferably repainting in the paint shop - otherwise mix the paint in acetone thinner.


Deburring machine TimeSavers 42 Serie 1350 BR

The multi-directional deburring system with rotating brushes perfectly deburrs and rounds edges after laser burning, punched and machined - in all directions and in one pass through the machine. It is suitable for deburring flat parts (with possible moulded shapes) in all directions. The optional abrasive belt with rotating brushes allows the removal of harder and larger burrs or the finishing of parts.

Timesavers Model 1350 BR
Maximal width [mm] 1350
Maximal workpiece thickness [mm] 1 - 150
Maximal speed 0,5-8 M/min
Number of brushes 8

The system of 8 individual brushes which move in different directions.

Deburring machine TimeSavers 41 Serie 900WRD

Provides deburring in multiple directions, even very small parts can be deburred using a template, contact grinding roller, horizontal grinding disc.

Timesavers Model 900WRD
Maximal width [mm] 900
Maximal workpiece thickness [mm] 66
Maximal speed 22 M/min


HAEGER Universal Pressing Machine

It is used for pressing self-locking elements and other small components into any material, suitable for fast and precise operations, with maximum safety and minimum risk of damage to parts.

It can be used for punching holes, bending and marking sheet metal, joining materials by pressing as a replacement for spot welding.

TRUMPF TruPunch 5000 Punching Machine with Automation

  • maximal sheet size 3000x1500 mm
  • maximal sheet thickness 8 mm
  • punches at speeds up to 1200 strokes/min.
  • indicates a speed of 2800 strokes/min.
  • maximal number of tools (4 clamps) - 21 pcs + ToolMaster


  • SheetMaster - feeding sheets from pallets & unloading onto pallets 8x
  • SortMaster - sorting of smaller parts into boxes
  • ToolMaster - magazine for up to 40 tools (+ 21 tools in the machine)
  • GripMaster - clamping of waste sheet metal

TRUMPF Solid State Laser - TruLaser 5030

  • solid state laser - 3000 W
  • maximal sheet size 3000x1500 mm
  • high productivity in thin sheet metal (up to 3 times faster up to 3 mm thick)
  • best energy efficiency
  • burning of composite materials (copper, brass), plastics
  • engraving

Two Storage Towers TruStore 3030

  • 29 positions x 3t of sheet metal + 9 positions of cuttings

Trubend Cell 5000 with the Machine Bendmaster

Maximal plate sheet 2000 mm x 1000 mm
Profiles up to 2500 mm
Maximal weight of sheet metal plate    40 kg
Maximal carrying capacity 60 kg
Min. sheet thickness 0,7 mm
Maximal travel length on the floor 14 m
Maximum height of sheet metal stack   700 mm
Maximal stack height of finished parts 1000 mm

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