TVD was founded on 4.12. 1989, as Technické výrobní družstvo Slavičín (Slavičín Technical Producer Cooperative). Originally, it was based on business and building activities and wood processing. Consequently, it started to develop and respond to customers’ requirements.

1990 – In this year, the building activity commenced, including the offer of work at heights and lighting rod assembly.

1991 – Consequently, the wood production and metal production were added.

1992 – An independent rubber processing centre, which later developed into a division, was founded.

1993 – A pilot programme of switchboard case production was commenced. Its constructional and processing quality properties developed.

1995 – First investment into the painting facility consequently allowed it to be turned into a powder coating centre.

1999 – Based on a clear future vision of the Company development, ISO 9002 certification was implemented.

2001 – An essential change of the TVD cooperative into a joint stock company, TVD – Technická výroba, a.s., which developed into its current form.

2002 - Based on increasing quality requirements, the Company certified itself in accordance with ISO 9001.

2004 – Due to entering into cooperation demanding special requirements for welding, the Company confirmed meeting higher welding quality requirements in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 3834.

2005 – With regard to constant Company development, keeping up with both new trends and customer requirements, the ISO 140001:2004 certification was implemented.

2006 – An automatic GALATEK painting line was launched.

2007 – Construction of an assembly plant, dispatch office, and a dining facility, including a new kitchen.

2008 – Launching a robot welding station.

2009 – Completion of the industrial premises.

2010 – Building of a training centre.

2011 - Launching the second robot welding station.

2012 - Building of new production area with the centre of development.