Trumatic T6000

The TruMatic 6000 is the all-round machine of laser-punching combination machines. With the combined technologies of laser cutting and punching, increasingly complex fabrication jobs can be performed with greater efficiency and higher productivity.
The parts are fabricated on one machine using different processes. Standard contours such as round or rectangular holes are produced in one stroke by the punching unit, as are threads or other forms. Delicate, intricate inside and outside contours are laser cut with smooth, burr-free edges. Since all tools can be rotated, tool requirements are reduced to a minimum

Trumatic model: T6000
Max. thickness of metal [mm]
(strength max. 450 N/mm2)
Max. widht [mm] 2585
Power of laser 3200
Max. frequency of strokes [1/min] 900/2800