Metal Processing

We offer out customers complex services in the engineering field. Our company operates CNC lathes, mills and CNC machines for sheet processing, as well as conventional machines for lathe work, milling and grinding. We provide our customers with complete heat treatment and surface finishing, and can ensure complete production according to customer- supplied drawings.
We operate 7 CNC lathes, 2 of which with driven tools and interlocked "C" and "Y" axes for milling and cross-wise drilling, with lathe work possible in the counter-spindle.
We operate 3 CNC milling machines, on which we can machine pieces up to a length of 1000mm, and can offer machining of pieces on the 4th axis up to a diameter of 200mm.
We also offer moulding on eccentric presses, including the design and manufacture of moulding tools according to the customer's requirements.
Our portfolio of customers includes domestic as well as foreign companies, especially from the EU.
Our company's production is designed for different industries, such as machine and equipment manufacture, construction, automobile, electro-engineering, engineering and mining.